LATEST: Courtney Love's arrest hell included her being bound and gagged in an asylum, according to the rocker herself.

The former HOLE star is fighting a double felony charge after being arrested by police last month (OCT03) - following a wild night when she allegedly overdosed in her home.

The rocker says, "I was terrified. I was taken to the loony bin in handcuffs and they put tape on my mouth.

"I didn't do anything wrong. It's my place. I own it."

Love is also fighting a custody battle for her daughter FRANCES BEAN, and attempted to show just how close the pair are by agreeing to let cameramen film a chat about suitors between them.

After insisting, "I am the best mother in the world," Love asks her 11-year-old daughter, "What do you think of Colin Farrell, just for like a love buddy?"

Her daughter giggles, "No, I think it's Johnny Depp."

14/11/2003 09:06