Troubled rocker Courtney Love has fallen in love with video director CHRIS MILK - and has even turned down a date with Colin Farrell to stick with her man.

The singer, who faces drugs charges next month (APR04), met Milk when he directed the video for her new single Mono, and is ecstatic with the new relationship.

A friend says, "She's really goo goo over this guy. She adores him. She has never, in her own words, ever felt so submissive to any man."

And Love is so smitten she even turned away Hollywood hell-raiser Colin Farrell when he offered her the possibility of romance.

The friend adds, "Colin asked her on a date and she said no, she's so nuts after this guy. It was right after her second date with Chris and she was like, 'No, I am so in love.'"

18/03/2004 17:06