Courtney Love is terrified of making the move to New York City - because she has no idea where to live.
The rocker is keen to leave Los Angeles, but has bad memories of the Big Apple - which is to be her new home in 2009.
Love's past drug problems led to a forced rehab stint in New York.
She says, "I'm dreading moving to New York... I f**king hate L.A., but I'm just dreading it. What neighbourhood do you live in?
"You kind of have to live under a rock not to know that they (authorities) kind of took me to Bellevue. It was just so awful."
Love reveals her daughter Frances already has her heart set on one place in the West Village, but she fears her mother's reputation will cost her the dream home.
The rocker tells Heeb magazine, "The house that Francis wants the most, it is not a co-op board. It is two old people, and they have to approve us.
"I've tried to tell Francis that impeccable credit makes a huge difference but (she says), 'No, we're never going to get it, with my last name and your reputation.' I'm like, 'Francis? With perfect, perfect credit, we'll get it.'"
But, even if she gets Frances her dream home, Love is nervous about living in the trendy West Village: "Gwyneth (Paltrow) got driven out of the West Village. She moved to another neighbourhood because I guess there is Sex + The City tourism in the West Village now."