Courtney Love has launched an angry tirade against other female rock stars - accusing women in the music industry of failing to learn their craft properly.
The former Hole frontwoman is convinced that too many female rockers don't have a thorough grasp of their instruments and need to spend more time practising before they can expect fame and fortune.
She tells Heeb magazine, "There are girls sitting there banging on pots and pans and talking about their vaginas and that's all very lovely, and the writing is great, but the music blows.
"You have to f**king sit in your room and practice. You have to learn how to play bass, you have to learn how to play drums. You have to get Zeppelin one through four, and you have to sit in a f**king little room off Hollywood Boulevard for two hundred dollars a month and you have to play those goddamn drums.
"And for whatever reason, women just haven't seemed to want to do that."