Courtney Love has slammed Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl again, insisting her late husband Kurt Cobain "loathed" his Nirvana bandmate. Love and Grohl have been locked in a fierce feud over copyright for years; this manifested itself during a long-running legal dispute between Love, Grohl and Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic over the band's box set With The Lights Out. They settled their legal issues in 2002 and the package was released in 2004. But Love isn't planning to make a friend of Grohl anytime soon, and she's raging after her nemesis recently stated the new Foo Fighters single Let It Die is about Cobain and Love's tempestuous relationship. In a post on her page, Love writes, "As for that drummer, well he's hit on me so many times. He's just a very, very conflicted guy about me, which is why he continually writes songs about me to hear he 'hates' me more than 'anyone else'. "Kurt loathed him more than anyone else (except a journalist). In his will he made a codicil that Grohl was no longer a member of Nirvana. I just ignored the guy and will continue to. "Dave knows this, and he takes it out on me! Hey, it wasn't my band and it wasn't my idea! It's funny he 'hates' me since I don't think about him. "He's just a sub-mediocre kind of (guy) who does this 'nice guy' nonsense. There isn't a word he could he say that would ruffle my feathers, honestly." Grohl recently said, "There are a lot of people that I've been angry with in my life, but the one that's most noted is Courtney. So it's pretty obvious to me that those correlations are gonna pop up every now and again." Cobain shot himself dead in 1994.