Troubled rocker Courtney Love has begged singer Avril Lavigne not to mess up her life by using drugs, getting married and having children too early, like she did.

The former Hole frontwoman, 40, put the COMPLICATED star on her lap at Wednesday's (15SEP04) WORLD MUSIC AWARDS after-party, and discussed her notorious drink and drug addictions following her husband Kurt Cobain's suicide 10 years ago.

And she warned her about the dangers of Lavigne's blossoming romance with SUM 41 frontman Deryck Whibley, reports Britain's DAILY STAR newspaper.

Love warned, "Whatever happens, you must not turn out like I have. You should not be marrying at such a young age. It's not right. And having children like I did when you think you are ready is a serious no.

"Please promise me that you will stay off the drugs Avril. They make your life hell and you don't know if you will pull through.

"Whatever happens, you must not turn out like me. I've really messed up you know."

17/09/2004 14:04