Courtney Love has sought out legal representation for the mother of her late husband Kurt Cobain, to prevent people from "taking advantage" of her should she decided to sell his childhood possessions. Love, who was married to the Nirvana frontman until he killed himself in 1994, has spoken to Cobain's mother about selling his childhood belongings - and fears her former mother-in-law will sell off priceless keepsakes if she doesn't get the right representation. On her website, Love writes, "I love his mother but she has been taken advantage of in my opinion and from now on, after our discussion today, she will be repped by proper lawyers. "(When) people approach her for his childhood things she can maximise her income in these transactions." Love yesterday (30Apr07) announced she is auctioning off Cobain's keepsakes - which have been valued at $40 million (GBP20 million) because she's sick of living in "a mausoleum". She adds, "Most will go to charity since the money isn't what I'm that interested in."