Courtney Love decided to give herself an image overhaul and clean out her closet, after realising she was scaring men away with her "kooky" high-fashion outfits.
Earlier this week (begs12Jul10) the Hole frontwoman debuted a revamped, classier look on her new blog, What Courtney Wore Today, which documents her daily wardrobe choices.
And Love has vowed to quit wearing outrageous runway fashion to impress other women, insisting she wants to dress sexy to attract potential dates.
In a series of posts on her page, she writes, "At 46 now I know... that most of 'fashion is about dressing for your lady friends.' I used to think just because I can semi-shred (sic) on guitar and am a 'legend', I AM A WALKING APHRODISIAC! But then my methods began failing? That's just IMPOSSIBLE! It was because I was wearing crazy a**ed c**k blocking kooky, Haute Couture. Self made, it was a disaster!
"BUT I've reformed, cut all that crazy s**t out, stopped 'expressing myself' with Fuchsia eyeliner. Realized dudes dont CARE about crazy hats! And realized I actually CARE about what dudes think, not my fellow fashionistas."