LATEST: Courtney Love has accepted Lily Allen's apology for disparaging comments allegedly made by the British singer on her MySpace blog, after she claimed her profile had been targeted by website hackers. Allen partied with Love at the popular Los Angeles nightclub Hyde in April (07), but the 22-year-old was reportedly unimpressed by the rocker's wild antics and posted a harsh message on her blog. It read: "I am not bfs (best friends with) C (Courtney) Love, one night with her made me realise why Kurt (Cobain) killed himself. I nearly checked into rehab." But the former Hole star has accepted Allen's prompt apology for the security breach, before sending out a warning to anyone thinking of launching an attack on her. Writing on her own MySpace profile, Love says, "Thanks to Lily Allen for her lovely apologising for having had her MySpace broken into. "I wouldn't pick on me if I was Miss Lily, as it wouldn't take too much to swat, but we've known each other far too long, like each other far too much and if she was gonna say something nasty she has the acerbic wit and intelligence to say something cutting, that would actually really hurt, not some cliched hoary old chestnut some obsessed blogger would say. "She tells me her MySpace was broken into - even if I really think she did blog it mindlessly some 8am after being up far too long for a young healthy woman I don't care and I appreciate and accept her thoughtfulness for apologising for what was printed, if she is telling the truth and it really doesn't much matter - everyone slams everyone early in their careers, I mean how much more boring can you get? Does anyone care?" Cobain committed suicide in 1994, aged 27.