Courtney Love is still feeling the fallout from her brief romance with British funnyman Steve Coogan - her bandmates taunt her with his comedy catchphrases.
The rocker had a fling with Coogan five years ago, but admits she didn't know at the time that he was famous in the U.K. for his embarrassing DJ character Alan Partridge.
Now she gets regular reminders of her former lover - her fellow Hole bandmates pin up posters of Partridge in their recording studio and constantly mimic his phrases.
Love tells Uncut magazine, "I get tortured by my band quite a bit for this. I had that fling with that crazy f**k, The Coog, as we call him, long before I saw I'm Alan Partridge. I'd previously only seen him in 24 Hour Party People, where he was brilliant... So when I finally saw I'm Alan Partridge, I was like: 'Oh. My. F**king. God. You're kidding me?' I'm in a band with f**king three Brits, and it never, ever, ever ends. Whether it's: 'Back of the net!' or 'Cashback!' or whatever the f**k. It's torture.
"I walked into the studio recently and they'd put up this giant poster of Alan Partridge on the wall and I was like... 'You f**king take that down right f**king now!'"