Panicked pals are hoping rocker Courtney Love receives a jail sentence - because it might save her life.

The former Hole frontwoman faces a year in prison after her arrest for allegedly being under the influence of a controlled substance on 2 October (03).

And friends fear the arrest is just the tip of the iceberg - if she carries on, wildchild Courtney might end up like her husband, rocker KURT COBAIN, who committed suicide while under the influence of drugs in 1994.

A friend says, "She has been under a lot of pressure recently because she's trying to get her career back on track.

"Working on her comeback album and trying to pick up work in Hollywood hasn't been that easy lately, and she's gone off the rails - back to her former wild rock star days.

"She has long-standing demons and she needs a shock to get her out of this downward spiral.

"Prison might be the only thing that stops her ending up like Kurt."

19/10/2003 14:18