Courtney Love is convinced she'll be cleared of hitting a fan in the head with a microphone stand at a gig last week (18MAR04) - because she's got hundreds of witnesses on her side.

The former Hole frontwoman was arrested at a New York nightclub following a complaint made to police by a fan.

But Love isn't concerned about the case.

She told American radio presenter Howard Stern, "I didn't throw the microphone stand.

"There were 200 kids there and they were all saying the same thing. I didn't throw it.

"I didn't even have a microphone stand. The whole thing didn't happen but I still got arrested.

"What the police are saying is a lie. It will be dropped but they will still throw it at me.

"We just went to a party with people like Boy George and other cool kids and play a small show.

"I trusted everybody there but I got screwed. Nobody sticks up for me so I will have to stick up for myself."

23/03/2004 13:25