Rocker Courtney Love made a rare live appearance in Los Angeles on Saturday (29APR06), and was joined by SMASHING PUMPKINS singer Billy Corgan and songwriter Linda Perry. The trio teamed up for the Gay and Lesbian Community Centre benefit where Love debuted two new songs, SUNSET MARQUIS and PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY. Corgan and Perry are collaborating with Love on her upcoming second solo record titled HOW DIRTY GIRLS GET CLEAN - which is set to document her recent addiction problems. Love explains, "Billy and me have never been onstage before and it was intense. His guitar parts are haunting and beautiful. "It was me, him, Linda and 2,000 lesbians. The songs are dramatically different from the demos. It was f**kin' historic. "This is the best s**t I've done since the LIVE THROUGH THIS period."