Troubled rocker Courtney Love made an appearance on comedian Jay Leno's show last night (15APR04) - to announce plans to launch a political career.

Wearing a pink dress and appearing much more calm than she did during her infamous appearance on David Letterman's show last month (MAR04), the former Hole frontwoman told the audience she wanted have a hand in California's politics because the state's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has failed her.

She jokingly declared, "I'm here to make a political announcement. I'd like to run for Attorney General of the great state of California! I just turned into a Republican.

"I was arrested - I don't know if anyone knows that! The next day, after the third one, I decided to register as Republican. I know my Governor and I wrote to him and he ignored me, so I decided to run for Attorney General."

Love also asked Leno for a job as the head writer on his show.

16/04/2004 19:44