Courtney Love wanted Sir Elton John to play piano on the new Hole album.

The singer was desperate for the 'Rocket Man' singer to appear on upcoming LP 'Nobody's Daughter', but eventually recorded the parts with a musician recommended by U2 frontman Bono.

She said: "We wanted Elton, but we got this guy that Bono and me were talking about, he played at New York's Carnegie Hall, he's very deft. I don't know that I really could have made Elton get on a plane and come to me!"

Courtney decided to reform Hole last year after deciding the tracks for her proposed solo album were more suited to her old band.

She replaced founding Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson with British musician Micko Larkin - who previously was a member of Larrikin Love - but admits she was nervous about working with Micko because of his hard drinking reputation.

Courtney - who is a recovering drug addict- told Q magazine: "He was know to be a very good guitarist, but was also know to be very copious drinker. It's something that really p***es me off about English culture sometimes - I love England and I want to live in Buckinghamshire. But I do not want to go to drinking parties where they pay for the coke. That's just retarded to me."