Courtney Love is set to appear in court to regain her late husband's guitar for her daughter.

The 53-year-old singer and songwriter - who was married to the late Nirvana band member for two years before he tragically passed away in 1994 - has been asked by her child, Frances Bean Cobain, for help in a legal battle against her estranged husband, Isaiah Silva, to regain the Martin D-18E guitar that belonged to Kurt.

According to court documents, which have been obtained by The Blast, the 25-year-old model - who filed for a divorce from Isaiah in 2016 two years after they tied the knot - has asked her mother to act as a witness in the case.

Frances filed the official documents to split from the 32-year-old, and in the file she reportedly listed her father's estate as her own property separate from any joint ownership she and Isaiah have together.

However, Isaiah has since claimed that Frances gave him the musical instrument, which is believed to be one in 300 that were made, as a wedding gift.

But Frances has denied the allegation and has demanded for the sentimental piece of equipment to be given back to her.

The battle over the possessions has been an ongoing issue for months, and with the trial for the divorce fast approaching Frances is keen to do all she can to ensure she regains what she believes is rightfully hers.

After the 'Sid and Nancy' actress presents her testimony, Frances will hand over a collection of photographs and messages exchanged as evidence in the trail.

Frances' supporting documents are believed to include photographs of the guitar, as well as images of the shop where the item was purchased, and receipts to prove it belongs to the Cobain family.

Frances will also provide text messages exchanged between her former lover to a third party about the issue.