Living proof that all the Buddhist chanting in the world can't save you from an impending lawsuit, Courtney Love is now facing charges from a former assistant, who claims that she owes her money in unpaid wages. Jessica LaBrie worked for Courtney Love from June 2010 until July 2011, according to the NME's report today and she alleges that Love only paid her for a fraction of her work. She also claims that Courtney tried to make her hire a computer hacker and produce counterfeit legal documents. Love allegedly withheld her salary when she refused to carry out the acts that she deemed to be "fraudulent, unlawful and unethical."
In addition to landing Courtney with the lawsuit, LaBrie is also about to publish a 'tell-all' book about her time working with Courtney, entitled 'Get Me A Xanax.' This is not the first time in recent weeks that the former grunge star has found herself on the receiving end of a legal suit. Her former lawyers, Keith A. Fink are suing Ms Love for precisely $466,029.41 in outstanding fees for previous lawsuits.
In fact, much of Courtney's life has been an endless turmoil of personal and legal dramas. As her daughter (with the late Kurt Cobain), Frances Bean Cobain grew up, she was taken from Courtney's care on a number of occasions, as she was deemed unfit to look after her, as a result of her substance abuse issues and erratic behaviour. She has made a number of attempts to get her career back on track and recently reunited with members of her band, Hole but any inroads that she makes into pursuing a creative path are hampered by lawsuits and tabloid drama.