Courtney Love didn't speak to her friend Amanda DeCadenet for five years after she failed to return their dresses to a hire store.

The Hole rocker and the former 'Word' presenter famously donned matching outfits to the Vanity Fair Oscars party in 1995 and though they had a great time at the bash, they fell out soon after over a staggering £20,000 bill.

Courtney recalled in a recent interview: ''I had tickets to the Vanity Fair Oscars party and we went to one of the oldest costume stores in Hollywood and rented matching dresses and tiaras.

''I had to go to Germany the next day so I thought Amanda was going to be returning the clothes.

''But then we got stuck with the £''0,000 bill as no one returned the dresses.

''We talk now, but I didn't speak to her for like five years after that.''

Despite their closeness at the bash, Courtney admits she and Amanda had only known one another for a few weeks after the 44-year-old British star ''followed'' her around until she acknowledged her presence.

She recalled: ''People think Amanda and I were either lesbian lovers or had been friends for ages but I'd only met her 10 days previously.

''She'd just come off presenting 'The Word' and she just kind of followed me around until I paid her attention, she was endlessly amusing.''

The 52-year-old rocker lost her ''partner in crime'', stylist Arianne Phillips to Madonna after she and the 'Material Girl' singer took part in a photo shoot together.

She explained: ''It wasn't acrimonious, but Madonna fell in love with her when she, Tina Turner and I shot a Rolling Stone cover, then Arianne went on tour with Madonna and didn't have time for me.

''I lost my partner in crime to Madonna.''