Rocker Courtney Love and her daughter are talking again after years of estrangement - via

Frances Bean Cobain took to the social networking site to send mum a sweet tweet over Christmas - and it made her mother's holiday season.

Love opened up the correspondence with a hopeful, "Merry Christmas Bean!! love you more than you could ever know. xmamma." And she was thrilled when her daughter responded with a simple "merry Christmas kooksmcgee".

The Hole rocker was filled with emotion and tweeted back, "that tweet was the best gift ever, its all I need even if its a dammed social network :) miss that little head of yours... that beautiful little head, and those long legs."

Love then told her daughter she was trying to quit smoking with the aid of electronic cigarettes, adding, "am trying these new e-cigs, the @njoyecigs so far are the best ones ive tried. maybe they should pay us for this plug?"

Cobain didn't respond further, but the simple festive greeting to mum prompted Love to conclude, "proudest mama in the world thank you Bean. means the world to me."

Mother and daughter have been estranged since December 2009, when a judge at the California Superior Court in Los Angeles appointed Wendy O'Connor, Cobain's grandmother, and her aunt Kimberly Cobain temporary co-guardians, while Love battled substance abuse issues.