Courtney Love has slammed recent reports stating she only has one week left to live.

The former Hole frontwoman, who has faced a range of legal wrangles over recent months, is distraught with the way her private life has been depicted in the press, and she insists so much of it is outrageously incorrect.

She says, "I read in PEOPLE magazine - and this was a friend of mine who wrote this - that I had week to live. I'm healthy as a horse, I'm gonna live to be 140. I'm not on drugs, which everybody knows that knows me. So now I'm 'crazy' and I have a week to live."

Love is also upset to learn a loving letter her 11-year-old daughter FRANCES BEAN wrote to her will be published in the near future.

She adds, "It's coming out next week. Another 'friend' in the media. It's horrible. It's just about her and she didn't ask to be a famous person. She wants to be a famous horse woman, but other than that, that's it.

"He wrote about her and he doesn't have any children and I'm like, 'Why did you do this to me? Why did you talk about this c**p when it's not true?' 'Well, it shows that your daughter likes you.' Of course she likes me! She likes me more than anybody. She doesn't like anybody else."

Love admits she'd love the press to stay out of her relationship with her daughter, whose father is late Nirvana rocker Kurt Cobain.

She says, "When a social worker comes to my doorstep for no reason, of course I'm gonna get furious and say, 'Oh yeah, the crack pipes are over by the steak knives,' and then they took it seriously."

02/04/2004 08:54