Courtney Love couldn't live without sex.

The Hole rocker - who has 21-year-old daughter Frances with late husband Kurt Cobain - enjoys getting intimate with other people and says lovemaking is top of her list of obsessions.

In a piece for XOJane entitled '50 Obsessions I Couldn't Live Without on my 50th Birthday', she wrote: ''Let's start with my favourite. And that would be: Sex. Obviously.''

The 'Doll Parts' hitmaker - who was recently pictured locking lips with model Amber Rose - also admitted she is a big fan of kissing.

At number 27 on her list, she wrote: ''Epic kisses. Girls count!''

Courtney has famously feuded with a number of stars in the past, including Kurt's former Nirvana bandmates - who she made peace with at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in May - and Marilyn Manson, but she insists she no longer bares grudges.

Writing that ''forgiveness'' is another obsession, she added: ''I'm 50, and I don't care what you said two years ago or yesterday. It's all good.''

However, the outspoken blonde suggested people should still think twice about upsetting her.

She also wrote on the list: ''Keeping people scared. Hell hath no fury like me!''

Other obsessions Courtney admitted to were ''naughty words'', ''real estate shopping'', ''chanting'', ''acupuncture'', and her artist daughter.

Of Frances she wrote: ''My proudest accomplishment always makes me prouder. Her artwork is phenomenal, too.''