Courtney Love is adamant the late Marlon Brando was her grandfather.

The 52-year-old American actress and singer lost her estranged grandmother, Paula Fox, on March 1 aged 93, and the star is upset her relative never unveiled the truth about her ancestor before she died, although she believes the 'A Streetcar Named Desire' star - who passed away in 2004 - is the most ''probable'' person to be her grandparent.

Speaking about the American actor on Facebook, the Hole guitarist wrote: ''She [Fox] went to her grave still not telling me and my brothers and sisters who is grandpa . . . I'm sticking with Brando. It's very probable.''

And Courtney is led to believe the legendary filmmaker was her relative because Paula and Marlon were reportedly living together, with the late actress Stella Adler, in 1943, which is rumoured to be the same time her mother Linda Carroll was conceived.

The musician has desperately been trying to get to the bottom of her ancestry for a number of years, and she previously begged 79-year-old actor Warren Beatty to get Marlon to tell her the truth.

She continued: ''I once asked Warren [Beatty] to ask Marlon to tell me. I'll save the results of that interaction for my memoir.''

The blonde-haired rocker also believes she shares an uncanny resemblance to Marlon before she went under the knife and had her first reconstructive surgery on her nose.

Speaking previously, she said: ''If you look at me before my first nose job, I kind of look like Marlon Brando.''

Although it is unknown why Paula failed to enlighten Courtney about her grandfather, it has been reported the pair never got on as the American author likened her granddaughter to a ''devil''.

Speaking previously, the 'The Slave Dancer' writer said: ''She's awful, she's awful. She's terrible! I met with her for an hour, and the hour was like an hour in the devil's pocket, for both of us.''

And Courtney was ''shocked'' her relative never took a liking to her.

She said: ''Paula's absolute dislike of me is shocking and inexplicable.''