Courtney Love feels like a ''momager'' to her daughter.

The Hole rocker previously had an acrimonious relationship with 24-year-old Frances Cobain - her only child with late husband Kurt Cobain - but they get along well now and she loved spending time with her at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year.

Frances is wanted for a number of fashion campaigns but she's going to wait until her debut LP is released before committing to any project.

Speaking to the new issue of Grazia magazine, she said: ''It was great doing the shows with Frances, we get along fine now. It feels like this is her debut [at the Chanel show], I was like her momager.

''She's been offered a load of campaigns but she's not going to consider anything until her album is out.

''I do feel like I am passing the torch of high fashion on to my daughter. She doesn't borrow much from my wardrobe, she's finding her own style - she's only 24. I am very proud of her.''

The 52-year-old singer took Frances with her and Kurt to the MTV Music Video Awards in 1993 and the entire family donned vintage garb because Courtney felt ''freaked out'' by the free designer clothes she'd be sent.

Discussing the time, she said: ''This still makes me feel a sense of loss for Kurt. I wore an Edwardian vintage dress - everything was vintage back then. I didn't have anything new, I'd get send free stuff but it would freak me out. It was Frances' first red carpet and even she was in vintage. They were Russian princess baby clothes.''

Courtney was known for her tiaras and babydoll dresses on stage with Hole, but doesn't have many of her tour outfits any more as they all got damaged by the crowds.

She said: ''I had many, many boxes of wardrobe for the tour [in 1995].

''But I don't have many of those dresses now because they would get ripped up when I stage dived.''