Courtney Love will release her ''epic'' new solo album this Christmas.

The Hole singer has confirmed her record will hit shelves later this year to coincide with her memoirs, tentatively titled 'Last B***h Standing'.

She said: ''It sounds epic. It's amazing. It's great. But it's really hard work ... [It will be released] at Christmas when my book comes out.''

Work it also progressing well on Courtney's autobiography, and the widow of Kurt Cobain admitted while she has a ''co-writer'' she would happily ''avoid'' sharing credit on the cover.

She added: ''Well, I have a co-writer now so it's actually much easier. I think his name is going to be on it but, I don't know, if I can avoid his name being on it I will happily do that.

''Basically he sits there and I talk and then somebody transcribes what we talk about and then I go attack what's on the written page and make it more literate.''

The record - the solo follow-up to her 2004 album - 'America's Sweetheart' will be released under the singer's own name rather than as a Hole LP.