Courtney Love "bonded" with Jessica Simpson on Friday evening (09.04.10).

The eccentric Hole frontwoman took to twitter to tell the singer-and-actress' ex-lover John Mayer and rumoured boyfriend Billy Corgan - a former friend of Courtney -she had "bonded" with the star.

She write: "i saw HAWT AS HELL Jessica Simpson last night we chewed Nicorette and "BEST F**K IN THE WORLD" and ""Sexual Napam" BONDED!(sic)"

The singer then wrote a number of messages to Jessica praising her for being a hardworker.

She said: "your really hot and ive always thought you were a very hardworking pop singer who deserved success. thats primary(sic)"

She then joked with the country singer about her eating Nicorette gum - used to curb cigarette cravings - despite not being a smoker.

She said: "why the HE:LL do you chew Nicorette gum and are addicted to it yet have never smoked in yr life? Dude i do blonde things too.(sic)"

Recently the Hole singer revealed she was dating Uma Thurman's ex-fiance Andre Balazs, saying in an email that she was "in lurve(sic)".