Troubled star Courtney Love was spotted hitting the clubs of Los Angeles last Thursday (04DEC03) - despite supposedly being in a detox centre.

The DOLL PARTS rocker firstly went to club TANGIERS in Los Feliz to see band THE HARD PLACE, who some have compared to Love's late husband KURT COBAIN's band Nirvana.

However, the outspoken singer and actress was reportedly overheard saying, "So, this band sounds like Nirvana, huh? They wish!"

She then moved on to the nearby DERBY club, and was invited up on stage by LET'S GO SAILING singer SHANA LEVY - who was delighted when Love took up her offer.

Levy reveals, "She said, 'I really need to get laid tonight, but I always have time for a chick band.'

"So we taught her a song of ours on the fly and she sang and played guitar with us. She'd be all, 'Just give me some chords,' and I gave her the wrong chords at first, and she was joking, 'If you don't get this right, I'm going to kick you out of this band!'

"We didn't have a drummer that night so we were playing soft, and we kept telling her, 'Cut off when we tell you to,' and she was like, 'Yeah, I know, I'll be subtle,' and then of course she'd be loud. It was funny because she was making up lyrics, too. It was just insane.

"She was really approachable, really nice, really considerate. We were totally surprised."

Love then made a dramatic exit, reportedly shouting to the driver of her white van, "You gotta get me back to (rehab)!"

Her lawyer RON FISCHETTI had earlier that day told MTV NEWS she was undergoing live-in detox care at a facility in Malibu.

The former Hole frontwoman is currently awaiting trial on drugs charges, after being arrested last October (03), and overdosing on prescription pills shortly afterwards.

09/12/2003 14:05