Troubled rocker Courtney Love is begging her mother-in-law to stop fighting for custody of her daughter FRANCES BEAN, because she just wants to get on with her life as a singer and a mother.

After calling her late husband Kurt Cobain's mother WENDY O'CONNOR "nuts", Love's attitude has softened as she fights two felony drug counts in a Los Angeles court.

Speaking to journalists outside the courthouse yesterday (12NOV03), a tearful Love, holding a pet dog, said, "It's yucky and this is my turn up, but I just wanna put my record out and get on with my life.

"I need Grandma Wendy to do that and I have my stepdad, who's great."

Last month (OCT03), the former Hole frontwoman, 39, broke windows in an attempt to enter a house in Beverly Hills, California - reportedly belonging to ex-love JIM BARBER - according to police who arrested and booked her for illegally possessing controlled drugs.

She posted $2,500 (GBP1,562) bail and was released.

Hours later, police responded to an emergency call from Love's own Beverly Hills home and took her to a hospital for treatment

of a suspected overdose.

Yesterday, Love pleaded innocent to both counts of drug possession and called the charges "retarded".

13/11/2003 09:06