Courtney Love's 14-year-old daughter FRANCES BEAN COBAIN was mortified when she logged onto an internet gossip site and read horrible comments about her appearance. Love desperately tried to convince her not to take the comments personally and the incident made her realise how difficult it was for her daughter to cope with having famous parents. The CELEBRITY SKIN star appeared on US chat show The View yesterday (31OCT06) where she talked about having to grow up in the spotlight. She said, "I'll tell you a story about being a famous kid, that I think really brought it home to me. "We went horseback riding on Mother's Day and there were paparazzi coming at us from the bushes, everywhere, whatever. "She went on one of those awful new websites, The Defamer and she looked at the comments about herself. "I came home and all the food in the fridge was in the trash. It was just such a nightmare. "I said, 'Frances, you know they say that stuff about Julia Roberts, they say that stuff about Heidi Klum, I mean, you can't take it seriously.' "That's part of what is added to her life."