Former FAITH NO MORE star RODDY BOTTUM has called on old pal Courtney Love to help him complete the soundtrack for new movie ADAM + STEVE.

Love, who once fronted Faith No More in the 1980s, guests on new track LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

Bottum tells Billboard.COM, "Recording was a piece of cake. Courtney and I have been friends for over 20 years and we have a mutual respect for each other's craft.

"The song is a 1940s big band sort of sound, not something you'd immediately associate with her style of singing.

"Courtney and I had done a project a couple years ago that involved reworking old jazz standards so when I approached her about this song I was able to reference what we'd done before and she understood.

"She's a total professional and compulsively fixates on a project until it's perfect."

However, Love was not Bottum's first choice to perform on the track: "Pink was going to sing it. She would have done an amazing job, but I think Courtney brought something to the song that's absolutely, undeniably something only she could do."

17/03/2005 09:30