Courtney Love was involved in another concert injury at a low-key show in New York on Thursday night (18MAR04).

Just 24-hours after the raucous rocker was arrested for allegedly throwing a microphone stand at a fan during a late night show at the Big Apple's PLAID club, she dived off stage at the BOWERY BALLROOM and onto a concert photographer.

The unnamed snapper was later wheeled out of the venue on a stretcher with a neck support and taken to a nearby hospital - but she has no plans to press charges against Love.

During the Bowery show - where she appeared an hour and a half late and stripped down to her underwear - the rocker defended herself against accusations she's high on drugs - following a series of bizarre incidents in the last days including flashing at TV chat show host David Letterman to firing and rehiring her lawyers in her California drug possession court case.

She told fans, "I'm not on drugs... I'm not having a nervous breakdown."

She later apologised for her raspy voice, adding, "I've got no voice, I'm in deep trouble, I'm going to get crucified for this show. I'm losing my voice. Jail does that to you."

Love had further comments about her Wednesday night (17MAR04) arrest, adding sarcastically to fans, "In the history of rock music, ever, no one has ever been arrested for someone being hurt at a show. So if you all go out there and tell the police that I hurt you and raped you, I will go to jail. So, please, send me to central booking, it will be fun."

Celebrity fans in the audience included Boy George, Ethan Hawke, DEBORAH HARRY and STEVEN VAN ZANT, who insisted, "She's rock 'n' roll."

21/03/2004 12:11