Courteney Cox's COUGAR TOWN co-star Brian Van Holt has offered his support to the actress as her estranged husband David Arquette battles personal issues in rehab.
Van Holt, who plays Cox's good-natured ex-husband in the sitcom, has heaped praise on the former Friends star for maintaining her professionalism, despite ongoing dramas in her personal life.
Calling Cox one of his best friends, he tells, "It's a good friendship and very healthy for the environment that we're working in... We are quite lucky to have her as one of our ringleaders. And the rest of the cast is really close. We are lucky that they are who they are, and I'm glad to have that relationship and trust and support."
Van Holt has also voiced his admiration for Arquette, after he checked into a treatment facility at the start of the New Year (11) to tackle his alcohol and depression struggles following his separation from Cox in October (10).
He adds, "I think it's very courageous and I have a lot of respect for him for doing so. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family, Courteney and everybody. I think it's fantastic."