Former Friends star Courtney Cox is getting revenge of sorts at the tabloids that have hounded her and her friends. In the new FX series Dirt, debuting tonight (Tuesday), Cox stars as the editor of two gossip magazines, one of them titled Drrt, the other, Now. She and husband David Arquette are also executive producers of the new series. New York Times TV critic Alessandra Stanley described the show as "a labor of love about hate: vigilante filmmaking that allows Hollywood stars to fire back at the pestering paparazzi who stalk them." Nevertheless, she writes, "Dirt takes a very shallow look at the shallowness of show business." Tom Shales concludes in the Washington Post: "As an artfully smirking piece of work, Dirt is both nasty and tasty -- a very guilty pleasure perhaps best spoken of in dark alleys. Or watched through a keyhole." David Kronke in the Los Angeles Daily News also has a generally favorable reaction to the series. "Dirt," he writes, "is filthy, but I mean that in an almost good way. Dirt is obsessed with bad behavior and has no qualms about depicting it as luridly as you're likely to see on television." Chicago Sun-Times TV critic Doug Elfman has mixed feelings about the series, writing that the show "gets the ingredients right (the tone, acting and pacing are swell), but the dialogue doesn't make it addicting enough to watch, and the editing could be slicker more often." Edward P. Smith writes in the Denver Post: "An inside look at the sleazy world of tabloids turns out to be as ham-handed and crude as the world it intends to expose." And David Bianculli in the New York Daily News puts his finger on what he believes is wrong with the show when he writes, "There's no one, really, to root for or care about, as everyone jockeys for position to survive, thrive and devour."