Courteney Cox's husband David Arquette was amazed when some paparazzi gave him flowers to give to his wife on Valentine's Day (14Feb08) - and then quickly took pictures of him holding the bouquet. Arquette, who has a daughter, Coco, with Cox, had just stepped outside of his California home when he was tricked into holding the flowers and balloons that read, 'I Love You.' The pictures were then sold to, and published in, American tabloid magazines. Cox says, "It's funny because... it was Valentine's Day and David was walking to the car, and there were these big balloons that said 'I Love You' - you might have seen it in the tabloids - and some yellow and white roses. "And David was getting into his car and the paparazzi jumped out and said, 'This is for Courteney, tell her we love her.' And he said, 'Oh, thanks man.' And he grabbed the balloons and then turned towards his car and (they took lots of pictures). "David was a little upset: 'I wouldn't have bought those roses.' They actually planted it so it would look like he bought those for Coco and me."