Hollywood couple Courteney Cox and David Arquette are battling over the actor's wacky decor - the FRIENDS star has put it all in storage.

After years of working around their differing styles, house-proud Courteney has decided enough is enough and she has put everything that doesn't work for her out of sight.

Arquette is critical of his wife's new clean-out because together they front a new home improvement show, MIX IT UP, in which she offers up furnishing advice to warring couples.

He says, "The problem is that at our home just recently there seems to be less and less mixing it up at the house. We should be practicing what we show on television but we're not mixing it up at all.

"The other day I was coming home and I see this moving truck out in front of the house and all my stuff is going into this moving truck.

"I'm like, 'OK, she left me. It's over.' But then I asked and they said we're just taking it to storage. I sensed something was going on but typically I just have to find out when it happens."

18/12/2003 17:14