Courteney Cox decided to mend her estranged relationship with former friend Vincent Gallo because she thought he would be perfect for a part on her new show DIRT. The star had a falling out with Gallo years ago when they made a film together and decided to re-establish contact with the Buffalo 66 star. She explains, "I did a movie with him and I had a really bad experience, like really bad. I wasn't talking to him for many years. He was my friend before, (then) we did the movie and after I didn't like him at all. "I asked him to do Dirt because I thought he would play a great part on the show and he is amazing on it. He ended up being fantastic. "(During the film) he was going through a bad time in his life. He was playing a talk show host and he would not talk to me while we were working together and we were really good friends! "I'm like, 'What is your problem?' He had these cue cards and he would only do his lines by looking at cue cards! "He's not like that anymore at all. He's really good and I love him again."