Acting couple Courteney Cox and David Arquette are turning to TV producing after launching their own company COQUETTE.

The sexy stars - who are celebrating the birth of their first child COCO RILEY ARQUETTE on 13 June (04) - have already pledged to develop several projects for the small screen since signing a deal with Warner BROS, the production firm behind Cox's hit sitcom Friends.

Cox says, "It is a natural progression for us, at this stage in our careers, to be moving toward development and production in both television and film."

Cox and Arquette made their TV series producing debut with a home-decorating show for WE, WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT, co-hosted by THEA MANN, a former casting agent who will serve as head of development at Coquette.

Arquette adds, "We got our feet wet with our show MIX IT UP, which is going into its second season and enjoyed that process so much we decided to formalise our commitment by forming this company."

25/06/2004 17:33