Courteney Cox and husband David Arquette's dream of becoming parents has finally been realised, according to the actor's brother ALEXIS.

Alexis, 43, broke the good news during a Monday (20OCT03) appearance on THE SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW, which will hit TV screens on 7 November (03).

Set sources say that while looking through a photo album, Alexis stopped at a picture of Friends beauty Cox and said, "I have a little secret to tell everybody, and they don't know I'm going to tell it, but I talked to her last night and we were together and she told me. Ladies and gentlemen, keep your fingers crossed - she's pregnant again.

"Every ginger is crossed. Our legs are crossed, everything is crossed."

SCREAM co-stars Cox and Arquette have had conception problems during their five-year marriage, with the actress suffering two miscarriages.

And while the good news has sent ripples of excitement around Hollywood, the couple's publicist CINDY GUAGENTI says, "We're not commenting. When they're pregnant and ready to announce it, they will."

22/10/2003 21:19