Courteney Cox split from her husband of over 11 years David Arquette in 2010, but latest pictures from the UK's Daily Mail show that the pair are still very much close friends, with the break up evidently being one of the more unfortunate yet amicable in Hollywood's recent history. The pair married in 1999 and had a child in 2004 when Cox gave birth to daughter Coco only to split after Arquette admitted to being unfaithful during their marriage.
However pictures published by the UK newspaper today, February 14th 2012, showed the pair looking happy in each other's company as they took their daughter out for a meal together in New York. With US series 'Cougar Town' returning to screens this week as well, Cox has been doing the interview rounds and in one admitted she was still close to her former husband. "Yes, David was on Cougar Town, he was great," she said, continuing, "I mean people do not understand why we are just fond of each other. We are best friends. So I know it's confusing but we're great and he was so funny on the show. He's great to work with, I mean I adore him".
In another she was even more explicit, admitting that since the divorce she'd remained celibate. "I have not had sex. It's been about a year. I'm holding to it. I've not had a man since David. I've made out with one guy."