Courteney Cox has revealed that she has not had sex since she split from her former husband David Arquette in October 2010. The revelation came in a phone interview with Howard Stern, which can be seen on YouTube. Howard asks the Scream actress "Courtney, are you still holding to the fact that you haven't had sex since your marriage with David?" Courtney replies "I'm holding to it" to which Stern then promptly says "bullsh*t."
After stressing her honesty a couple of times, Courteney then goes on to explain "I'm really not ready. I'm so emotionally. you know, it's hard. I was in a marriage for a very long time." She explains the couple's break up by saying that they had begun to lead separate lives and had "different compatibility issues." Cox also confirmed for the shock-jock that no man had asked her out since she split with David but that he encourages her to go out dating. "He wants me to date," she told listeners.
Perez Hilton has also recently reported that David Arquette will be making a guest appearance in the Season Three finale of Cougar Town, playing the role of an over-helpful hotel concierge. Courteney has apparently pledged to give away 50 bottles of wine to Cougar Town fans who pledge to stay in and watch the show on Valentine's Day. She announced via her Twitter page that over 600 people replied in just three minutes.