Hollywood couple DAVID and Courtney Cox ARQUETTE have threatened legal action against anyone who publishes photographs of their baby, after the snap was leaked to media organisations.

Ten-month-old COCO was snapped at her Alabama, Georgia, christening earlier this month (09APR05), where Jennifer Aniston was named godmother, and the couple seethed as they discovered the pictures were being distributed without their permission.

Several media organisations, including the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS and SKY NEWS, have reported they received emails from an originator claiming to be Aniston, with the photo as an attachment.

Aniston's representative says, "They are not from Jennifer, and we believe they have been stolen from someone who attended the christening. The person who is sending them out pretending to be Jennifer is an imposter."

A statement from the fuming Arquettes says, "Although we are public figures, we do have a right to privacy.

"The photos from our daughter's christening are being distributed without our consent. Anyone publishing these photos will be in copyright infringement and liable to legal action. We appreciate your sensitivity to this matter."

19/04/2005 17:24