Police were called to Cory Monteith's home yesterday (05.02.12) following complaints about noise.

The 'Glee' actor was throwing a party at his shared house in the Hollywood Hills but officers broke up the bash at around 4.30am following objections to the loud music blaring from the property.

Cory and his roommate spoke to Hollywood Community Police officers and agreed to turn off their music and end the festivities, which was attended by many of the 29-year-old star's castmates.

The actor was not charged with any offence but his friend received a citation over the loud music.

While Cory did not get into much trouble over the party, he has previously been open about his past wild ways, admitting he started drinking and smoking marijuana at the age of 13 before dropping out of school at 16 and using harder DRUGS.

He revealed last year he was doing "anything and everything, as much as possible - I had a serious problem. I burned a lot of bridges."

His family felt his abuse could lead to his death by the time he was 19, prompting them to intervene.

He added: "That's when I first went to rehab. I did the stint but then went back to doing exactly what I left off doing."

Cory's life continued on a downward spiral until he was caught having stolen a "significant amount of money" from someone in his own family, and given an ultimatum to get clean or be handed over to the police.