Cory Monteith 's character Finn proposed to his girlfriend Rachel, played by Lea Michele, during an explosive episode of Glee last night (17 January 2012). The surprise ending leaves things on a knife-edge as to how things will unfold, with the credits rolling before Rachel had chance to respond.
Speaking to E! Online following the airing of Tuesday's episode, Monteith sought to assure fans he is to stay with the show beyond the current season, saying, "I will be back! I will be graduating from William MCKinley High School and I will be returning to Glee in season four". Some fans have interpreted the news as a clue that Rachel accepts his marriage proposal in the next episode. The actor also confirmed that the next instalment will take off where the 'engagement episode' left off, and therefore begins with Rachel's response (in the form of a song). He added, "The cliffhanger is so effective at the end of the episode, right? You really don't see it coming! Even when he's down on one knee, you think he's going to give her a promise ring or something, you know what I mean?...It was an amazing experience to do that scene. It was the most exciting scene I've ever done on the show!". Cory had drummed up excitement before yesterday's episode, telling his 1 million Twitter followers, "Very excited for everyone to see tonight's episode "yes/no" ... one of my fave glee episodes of all time".
The actor attended the Golden Globes in Los Angeles on Sunday (15 January 2012), though Glee failed to take home the award for 'Best Television Series', losing out to Modern Family.