Producers behind longrunning British soap opera Coronation Street have dropped an acting newcomer from the cast after discovering she lied about her age.

Katie Redford was announced as a new addition to the series last week (ends16Jan15), but she has since been cut from the role of teenager Bethany Platt after it emerged she was actually 25 and not 19, as she had stated at her audition.

The actress' spokeswoman, Joanne MCLintock, has since admitted her management team was to blame, telling the Bbc, "(It) wasn't (Redford's) idea to audition as a 19 year old. People in the industry do it regularly and she sort of went along with what we said.

"I'm feeling really stressed and so sorry for Katie. It's her first real job and she's a star in the making."

Tv bosses at U.K. network ITv are now looking to recast the role of Platt, who was previously played by child actors Mia Cookson and Amy and Emily Walton. The character was last seen onscreen in 2007, when her Tv family relocated to Italy.