British soul singer Corinne Bailey Rae has lashed out at raunchy pop stars Madonna, THE Pussycat Dolls and Christina Aguilera for letting their "a**es pop at the camera". The Christian PUT YOUR RECORDS ON hitmaker finds many stars of today's music scene offensive and their images demeaning to women She rants, "It's unbelievable, have you seen the videos they put on music TV? What's that Christian Aguilera one... DIRRTY? If it's deliberate, it's fine, but not when it's on CD:UK (British music show) at 11am. Imagine your four-year-old watching it and going, 'I wanna get dirty.' "I watch Pussycat Dolls videos and think, 'Did I just see a girl slide down a fireman's pole in a g-string with her skirt flying up?' "I never saw the Madonna's image as powerful - it just seemed like a woman running her hands over her breasts for the benefit of the male gaze. "It's a bit tiresome, all those a**es popping at the camera, all that bare flesh."