Corinne Bailey Rae couldn't' stop writing songs during her year away from the limelight.

The 'Like A Star' singer took time out from her career after the accidental death of her husband, Jason Rae, from an overdose of methadone and alcohol in March 2008 - but said she never gave up songwriting as it is more than just a job to her..

Corinne, 30, said: "I couldn't have not done it because I've always made up songs, so it's just been a natural extension of who I am really.

"Music is my love, it's not just my career. It's what I do to express myself. I've been involved in music the whole time that I've been away from the spotlight."

Corinne - who made her first public appearance since Jason's death this week at the Q Awards in London - also said she had no problems coming up with the title of her comeback album, 'The Sea' set for release next year.

She added: "I was really surprised when I put all my notebooks together and realised there was all this water and there was this powerful, elemental force going through all the songs.

"It wasn't difficult to find a title. It seemed there was this overarching theme."