British singer Corinne Bailey Rae worries whether her husband of five years is her one true love because she found him so easily. Rae, 27, married her bandmate JASON in 2001, but finds it hard to believe he is the only man out there who is compatible with her. She says, "When I got married, I felt like I was older in my head. "I knew Jason was the right one for a mixture of reasons. I really liked him, and I think that's a good place to start from. And I really liked hanging around with him. With Jason it was like I couldn't see enough of him. "However, I do think, maybe, there's not just one person in the whole world out there for you. Because otherwise, how lucky is it that you find someone who happens to live a mile away, and you happen to bump into them at a club? "So there are definitely people out there who could be your one, but I like Jason. I'm so happy."