Corey Haim fraudulently obtained over 500 prescription pills in the weeks leading up to his death, according to the California Attorney General.

The actor - who died last month from a suspected prescription drugs overdose aged 38 - obtained the huge amount of drugs by "shopping doctors", the process of using multiple physicians, using false prescriptions and using different medical excuses.

Attorney General Edmund G. Brown, Jr. revealed the pills he obtained in a 32-day period included 149 tablets of Vicodin, 195 tablets of Valium, 15 tablets of Xanax and 194 tablets of Soma.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday (06.04.10), the attorney general described Corey as the "poster boy" of prescription drug abuse and knew exactly how to work the system going to seven different pharmacies to obtain the medications as well as hospital emergency rooms.

According to statements given to law enforcement agents, Corey falsely told physicians he needed painkillers to treat a shoulder injury he got while shooting a movie in Canada, and was "very convincing" in his pleas. However, his regular doctor was aware the 'Lost Boys' star had an addiction to prescription drugs.

During his lifetime, Corey had made no secret of his battles with drug abuse and in 2000 he confessed to taking large quantities of the sedative Valium every day.

But it appeared to be a battle he had won and in 2004 he claimed he had overcome his substance abuse problems, saying: "I'm clean, sober, humble and happy."

The results of the toxicology tests to determine what caused Corey's death are still pending.