THE LOST BOYS star Corey Feldman has sensationally revealed he was once part of a group of child actors who were preyed upon and molested by a gang of Hollywood paedophiles.

The actor was a teenager when he befriended one of the perverts, who used to party with him and then fondle him as he slept.

Feldman reveals his encounters with a real child molester made him realise that former pal Michael Jackson wasn't a paedophile.

He recalls, "We all knew all of these people that were older guys that befriended us and we thought, 'Hey, how cool that we've got an older friend that wants to take care of us or hang out with us,' and you come to find out they were all child molesters.

"There were so many of them... It was one of them after another after another, kinda pulling us into their little world of perversion.

"What happened with me and the way the relationship built was 'Hey, let's have some drinks, let's do some drugs...' and then you go home and you pass out and you wake up in the middle of the night and someone is touching you inappropriately.

"Because this was like a best friend relationship at the time I didn't have the courage, the strength to say, 'This is wrong, you shouldn't be doing this.'

"Instead, my way of dealing with it was I would lay there and pretend to be asleep and let him do whatever he felt that he had to do.

"It finally got to the point where I was eventually was able to confront it... I said, 'Listen, you ever touch me like that again and I'll kill you,' and that was the point that it stopped."

14/07/2005 02:55