American news show CELEBRITY JUSTICE has scooped British journalist MARTIN BASHIR by uncovering a 1993 interview actor Corey Feldman gave cops about his friendship with Michael Jackson.

Feldman agreed to reveal all about his relationship with Jackson in an interview with Bashir for American news magazine show 20/20 but two days before that airs, Celebrity Justice reporters have tracked down a police interview he gave over a decade ago.

Sources for 20/20 claim Feldman suggests he has had a "sickening realisation" that his friendship with the King of Pop wasn't as harmless as he first thought in his interview, which will air tomorrow night (11FEB05).

But in the 1993 interview, the former child star, then 22, only wanted to defend his friend as Jackson faced child molestation charges brought by young pal JORDY CHANDLER and his family.

In the 1993 police interview Feldman reveals, "Nothing ever happened with Michael and me. Believe me, if there was something that I'd been hiding for all these years, then I would want nothing more than to bring it out right now, to make sure that Michael got the help that he needed... Nothing happened.

"He never did anything out of line. I mean, the closest he ever came to touching me was maybe slapping me on the leg once to talk about that I had lost weight."

The STAND BY ME star also reveals he and Jackson once checked into a hotel room together but the pop star insisted on sleeping on a "cot" while his young friend, then a teenager, took the bed.

The most revealing part of the interview comes as Feldman reveals he once took a Jacuzzi with Jackson, but he insists, "We talked, nothing happened."

When investigators ask, "What were you guys wearing? Bathing suits?" Feldman replies, "Yeah, he had an extra pair of trunks that he threw me and he was wearing his bathing suit."

The actor ends the interview by telling unimpressed investigators that he was molested as a child - but not by Jackson.

He says, "I myself was molested so I know what it's like to go through those feelings."

10/02/2005 03:56