LOST BOYS star Corey Feldman has turned the 1987 vampire movie into a theatrical touring 'ball'.
Feldman and Jamison Newlander - who play the vampire-hunting Frog brothers in the movie series - will host screenings of the original film at a string of venues, accompanied by performances from Feldman's band and previews of the latest Lost Boys sequel, The Thirst, which is released on DVD on 12 October.
Feldman reveals, "What we're going to do is have a live theatrical experience with Live Nation and the House of Blues. It will give fans the opportunity to come to the House of Blues and see the original Lost Boys in a theatrical setting. They'll also get a sneak peek of the new film and they can come in costume - there will be a costume contest. My band Truth Movement is going to perform."
The first 'ball' will take place at the San Diego House of Blues on 21 October, followed by events in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Anaheim.